I Drive Myself Crazy Wanting You The Way I Do.

have you ever loved him so much, everytime you thought about him...you could hardly breathe?
have you ever tried to talk to him &the words were so hard to speak?
have you ever loved him so much, it made you sick?
have you ever realized that you're still stuck in the past?
have you ever realized that you're head over heels for him& he's already forgotten that you ever existed?
do you remember when you used to be his everything?
- now do you realize, you're always gonna be his nothing?
now, don't you wish more than anything that you never fcked it up so you didn't have to blame this 'heartbreak' on yourself?
; ; i miss you so bad, it hurts.
he's the one i love, the one i want, the one i can't have.
the one i'm scared to say 'i love you' to because i know he doesn't feel the same way about me because he loves HER...
i promised myself i was gonna forget you, but i lied to myself.
at night, when everyone is sleeping, i stay up until 11: 11 to make a wish with tears rolling down my cheeks cause you're not mine...
before i used to wish for your heart to be mine, but now i just wish to forget you.
'forget his name,
forget his face.
forget his kiss,
his warm embrace.
forget the love that you once knew,
remember he has someone new.
forget him when they play your song,
remember when you cried all night long.
forget how close you once were,
remember he has chosen her.
forget how you memorized his walk,
forget the way he used to talk.
forget the things he used to say,
remember he has gone away.
forget his laugh, forget his grin, forget the dimples on his chin.
forget the way he held you tight,
remember he's with her tonight.
forget the time that went so fast.
forget the love that moved, it's past.
forget he said he'd leave you never,

i'm sorry.

by Hailey Marie

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Thanks Clackson i appreciate it
What a prolific poet... Thumps up