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Brain Storm
KW (December 5th,1981 / Pasadena)

Brain Storm

Poem By Kovan White

Summer nights heated rains.
My back stains to much to handle.
Up on the mantle a picture of my baby's smile.
The picture is captured in time no longer mine
She is gone from me.
We'll never be, together.
Lost forever, only in my clouded dreams.
Foggy is what it seems.
Never clear oh she's near.
I can hear her crying.
Open my eyes wider to see further brighter.
Where are you I scream. I need you.
Help me be happy my hairs nappy.
Appearance is no longer important.
Extorted thoughts that were never mine.
Stop crying, be a man, let go of my hand.
Walk your own path but it gets ruff.
So tough to get a handle on things.
Don't pass it to my off-string.
They don't deserve the sting it hurts.
Stop the heated rains.
Too many summer nights

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