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Brains And Leaders Powers -Cauchy3
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Brains And Leaders Powers -Cauchy3

Brains and leaders powers…
Useful pieces the working attends with masks are leaders.
Call the merits medals show the social downs.
Messages sources with leaders’ prestige are modes.
Skulls are bones enclose over brains.
Think the zeroes not as empty set.
Think in abstract sciences by logic laws.
Excess senses are leaders presented to guns.
Kiss your bossy nuns to say my words.
Gods will hate the tyrant as they said.
Gods do not love Maoism.
Threads like the longer extensions take my NEURO sections come and go possessed receivers.
Brains to think and works are fulfilled.
Weaves of warmth engulfed our bodies.
Get the chances to heat up all reactions.
Oozed out airs is china boasting weathers.
Oozed out sweats is verse on necks.
Yielding loads with strength become leaders’ heavy hands.
Kissy bondages parts are leaders idolized fetishism.
China over lords has over powers.
So as do the things to please your gods.
Say my bossy nuns.
Go away from PINKO.
Wills obeyed on hypersexual charms.
Wills obeyed the usages given truths by leaders’ guns.
6-4 killings all are chilling.
Brains are psyches out as hands are washed with pupils bloods.
Made a search by scans of brains on views are free to go.
Primal egos lead to leaders powers.
Made engrained as peoples feel the martial laws are so.
Filled my Taoism female boss up all with comes.
Touch by brains her pouting sexes.
Mouthing smooth or quick our holly doves are good.
Gods belongings might are magic.
Leaders belongings might are powers.
---Cheung Shun Sang=Cauchy3---

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