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Brainstorming In Hell
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Brainstorming In Hell

Poem By Fred Schraff

Satan called four demons
to plot some strategy.
How can we get more souls
to keep eternally?

One said to “Deny God.
Say there is not one.”
Satan said “Too many know.
That can not be done! ”

Another said “No Heaven
is proven to exist
we can make some doubt it
if our lies persist.”

“No good! ” Satan snarled
“Some believe it true.
With those trusting souls
what are we to do? ”

Then another said
“Let us deny Hell.
Many doubt it now
others we can tell.”

“Still not good enough.”
Was Satan’s quick retort:
“There are certain truths
we can not distort.”

“I have it! ” said the silent one
“All of that is true.
But there is one thing left.
It will work if we do.”

“We can say the time
left to repent is long
and humans as they are
will gladly go along.”

“Perfect! ” Satan smiled.
“Let life lull them to sleep.
Wait until they die.
Their souls are ours to keep.”

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