Poem Hunter
(March 30,1987 / Buffalo, New York)


Poem By Michael Fischer

The brainwashed fools worship the saboteur
and fall victim to his hypnotic persuasion.
His lies are like an endless line of dominoes;
falling from his tongue one after another.

How does he do it...His charming chokehold;
His ivory smile blinds those without opinions
and his azure eyes overlook their tiny statures.
He’s not ignorant; He knows what he’s doing!

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Comments (5)

This will go in my favorites. Some poems may be better written but this sings a warning with truth!
Original and delicious, your writing is like the finest summer sunset and most awe-inspiring electric storm. Keep it up! xx
The evil behind charisma... ye gods, you have a fine pen, M. Admiration. t x
Like moths to the flame... This one makes the Faves list.
Good job, Micheal. I enjoy the color and the imagery of the dominoes.