The Short Sword (47 Ronin)

To all read accounts and to all accord
The vendetta began with the use of one short sword,
Lord Asano was insulted because he wouldn't give a bribe
He then attacked Lord Kira with vengeance for his honor and pride.

His attack or any type of violence in Edo Castle was deplored
It was a grave offense for Lord Asano to draw a short sword,
But, Lord Asano knew that his actions would end in death
But; He would be the one, to take his last breath.

To have his reputation and his honor restored
Lord Asano was commanded to end his life with a short sword,
His retainers then knew that their lord must be avenged
Upon their pride, honor, and devotion, bushido was hinged.

For two years the Ronin plotted and planned and a oath they did record
The vengeance that their lord had begun, they would end with a short sword
Through blood, honor and grief the ronin swore and signed a pack
Then the drum went, "boom, boom-boom" the ronin launched their attack

The 47 Ronin attacked! The laws of the shogun they all ignored
They then captured Lord Kira hiding with women in a shed with a short sword,
Lord Kira refused to commit seppuku as it is said
So, Oishi Kuranosuke the leader of the 47 Ronin, cut off Kira's head.

The Ronin were honored, and with hope they were all adored
But, they broke the law of the shogun, they were commanded to use a short sword,
Happily they accepted their fate as they completed their secret plan
If a samurai doesn't avenge his lord, he is lordless and not a man.

Vengeance, and not their lives was their only reward
As they placed the head of Kira at their lord's tomb, with a short sword,
A man cannot live under the same heaven or walk on the same Earth
With the enemy of his father or lord, which degrees a samurais worth.

The Ronin sliced open their bellies and then they all died
As was commanded by their shogun, and also their samurai pride,
All that they sought was to avenge their master and lord,
The Ronin had ended their lives and vendetta; with a short sword.

Randy L. McClave

by Randy McClave

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