Brand New Day

Got up one morning
and started the day,
i never knew what would happen
and why today.
Got this feeling inside
that made me sick
I just knew from the start
that this would hurt.

Picking up your things
i started to cry,
forcing myself not to look
you in the eye.

You began to apologize
and feel the guilt,
but it's too late now
you've dug your grave.


why today
Why did you tell?
Why did you do it what was it for?
Couldn't you resist her charming looks
or the way she moved on the dance floor?
Why did it happen, i have to know
why did you do it
when you knew it would hurt me so?
You knew your actions would cause this mess,
so tell me now if it was worth it in the end?

I walked out the door
held my head high,
prayed that you wouldn't follow
as i began to cry.

Started to run
as you shouted my name, my breathing quickens
with each step i take.


I hope she was worth it
cause now you know
that this time baby
I'm letting you go.
No more chances, not this time,
this is it
the final goodbye.

by laurajayne Kennedy

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