Brandon: Our Love Dog

Poem By jim foulk

You'll never be forgotton,
my dear pal of ours
many years ago of
poems you inspired
me to write.

Seven Happy years
you were with us,
so much tender
loving care we
gave to you.

Brandon you had special
magic about you,
can't explain, somehow
when I touched you,
all of my pain and sorrow
went away.

You were our love dog,
no doubt you were loved,
by all, as you also loved all.

So many bad things happened
to you on our walks, three
dog attacks, but once just me,
still have scar on my hand.

Remember the day, you were
hit by a car,
that really saved your life.

We took you to the
vet that night,
ex-rays showed a
pin from surgery in
your side, that had
been lodged, if not
removed you would
have died from
punture wounds,
the pin should have
been removed long

It was placed there
before we got you,
so one bad thing led
to a good thing.

You had a cat friend down
the street, that loved
you also, she would rub
against you with so
tender loving care.

Brandon our love dog
so many kisses you
gave us.

you used to dare
us to get your
biscuit, you would stare
at us, when we
tried to get
it you growled,
this went on
and on, till
finally you ate it.

Sometimes you would
go to hall closet
with your biscuit
I didn't know
where you were,
as I walked by
the closet you
would growl, it
was so funny.

Moths you loved
to chase, you
ate them so
many, even wrote
a poem called
the moth hound.

One very sad day,
in our life we
took you to the
vet for very
last time, you were so sick,
food you once loved,
you now refused,
pain you had all
through your frail
little body.

On Friday night,
June 13,1997 you
had such a hard
time breathing
you had to sleep
sitting up.

Seven happy years
you were with us,
so much tender
loving care you
had for us and we
for you.

On Saturday June 14,1997
while most Americans,
were remembering flag day,
we were saying
goodbye to our
true faithful friend.

Amy and I waited
in that fateful room
with you, saying our
last goodbyes to you.

The Vet entered the room,
asked us if we were
ready, are you ever ready
to say goodbye
to a love one.

Seven years with us,
but only 30 seconds and
you were gone.

We touched you and felt
life leaving your
beautiful little body.

Ten years later,
we still miss you
little guy and
love you very much,
our very own
love dog.
wrote 2-14-07

Comments about Brandon: Our Love Dog

A very moving tribute to love that pervades the life of humans - and dogs, and all the universe. - Will
What a wonderful tribute to Brandon. He was your Valentine dog indeed. This poem is very touching. Ten for your beloved friend without hesitation. Warm regards, Sandra
Jim lovely poem about your dear Brandon.....treasured memories......I called my Georgie 'my love dog', too....gone almost four years now....still remember so many wonderful days with him...thanks for this poem....... Love, D.
Awww... the love you had flowed through this poem.... now I have tears in my eyes.... Alison

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