Brave Adonis

Gallant young man barbed with life,
You have taken something of mine.
Swept it away on your trusty steed,
And rode off upon a high horse indeed.
Brave young man blessed with handsome beauty,
You are marked with committing this atrocity.
A theft so bold in it's undertaking,
You pilfered it away without the owner waking.
Beware young man so cunning in his eyes,
This one is not foolish enough to be bought by lies.
She is well aware of the surroundings,
Twas twice her idea than you are thinking.
Heed young man blessed with arrogance,
Her forked tongue speaks with eloquence.
One who spurns love for the pursuit of lust,
Hath no inhibitions, and toys with your trust.
Boorish young man proud of your endeavor,
May she who left me for you, devour you forever.
For though now you are as Adonis,
You are destined for Prometheus.

by Benjamin Feliciano

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