Brave Dave

A courageous fellow is brave Dave he battles his ghosts of despair
But through it all he does keep smiling you never hear him say life is unfair
A paraplegic due to a motoring accident in his early twenties he spends his days in a wheelchair
One you never do hear complaining though his life cross is heavy to bear
In a special needs home for the past ten months he has lived in since his mum died at a young age last year
Her passing left him heavy hearted though her spirit to him still lives near
She was such a wonderful mother in her the best friend out of his life has gone
Though he has put his grieving behind him and without her he is living on
To know he will never walk from his wheelchair to accept must be such a hard thing
Yet he always seems to be happy and his laughter to it has a joyful ring
Contented despite his misfortunes he does make the most of his life
Though he never will father children or he never will have a wife
Here is a person worth admiring though he does not see himself as brave
You will never hear him complaining the happy go lucky bloke Dave.

by Francis Duggan

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