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Brave Heart The Film

Scotland is wonderful the hills and the glens
the scenery magnificent including the bens
the heather so purple like the colour of sky
the mountains are covered and that is no lie
Braveheart was made and folks they did yell
Scotland forever we don't want to sell
our lands are our heritage and castles so tall
Scotsmen are great aloud was the call
the battle of Falkirk and blood it ran free
Mel Gibson the actor a new Scot was he
the film it was great emotion ran free
the acting superb brave hearts to be
Robert the Bruce, Wallace said with a sigh
was my friend forever but Wallace he did die
and the Bruce was so stricken
in battle he did yell
Scotlands my kingdom once more we will try
and gain our land back
and the English did cry
a wonderful film of history so true
Mel Gibson the actor a tribute to you

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