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Brave One
RF Rachel Fogle (July 26,1977 / Baltimore, MD)

Brave One

I watch you struggle in your bed at night,
Knowing you suffer so.
I hate to see you like this, but I still remain so.
You are my hero,
You give me strength when all is lost.
I know if you can find laughter,
My heartache is along way off.

Brave One in thy self,
You make one's heart beat strong.
No death will capture one's spirit as long as the heart still beats strong.

To me you hold a light, the shine's even when it burns low,
You bring a spark that most would love,
Even if the vision dies slow.

Brave One keep smiling,
I know you will stay so.
Let them take you my angel,
I'll keep you safe in my soul.

Brave One fly home,
Give him thanks from me.
For I had you in my life and that means millions to me.

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