Brave Soldiers

Poem By inguruwattadewage pushpadewa

The forest is covered by green trees large wood bodies exist like large mountain. At morning sun beaming between tree leaf for to green grass and which of sparkle like little star by dew. many and variety birds are singing sweet poem and fly away with pleasure for finding food.he is get down from his horse and do lying beneath tree for leisure.who had long hair with small eyes like falcon wide shoulder seen noble look for him past few minute ago shot. While ago had left cavalry many horse men were fatal
Injured by enemy atrocious and cruel war are lame all of them brevity is showing his all over face whilst on sleep became dream at his child hood with father and who done work he always fond status about noble truth at war. Actually father was one of hero for our mother land defeat enemy and winning from enemies. leisure world sun is go up beaming heavily Jim was wake up suddenly from difference sound like foot step who had jumped to saddle and run away but many horse men's follow up for kill him. Jim who didn't stopped at moment ride horse ahead very past who couldn't increase more speed further between large mountain and dangerous wood who had ride horse with hope see luster eyes how cruel activity in war he is singing old poem " much hurt travelled in the realize of gold which birds in fealty to appalls hold"
his eyes was luster by his affection feel get down from horse and do action about meet with her how offered bunch of flower how embrace his loving girl who had very panic about will feel hoping seen
End of day sun is going down like red ball at west sky birds are fly far away.

Who was mildly stuck to the door she mum has innocent look darkness coming from between window and inviting moon for invasion darkness.
she was turn on light.And do fire hearths for cover suffered cold see yet where my Elisa with murmur to air she's mother didn't care about him and do tell oh my dear actually she was so glad seen about you bad cold his behavior is turn to very sad because Elias is didn't see 03 years later again she had telling to him at last door few minute ago opened door oh she's mother Elisa latter or 04 year seem her live because she couldn't get reminding them nests front of hers house who get dawn by saddle and took bunch of roses for offer to his girl and foot step to I m Jim indeed you I couldn't remember now I m elder since last month I was ill and now I m very frail to Jim hers house with hope looking loving eye who had confuse extreme up and asking whereas my Elias I come to propose again just moment she been in bed room Elisa mother call to her she hadn't any hope with you oh poor deer chap ill call to her as soon as possible she came to front of him oh my dear Jim how about you will you take dinner no need I special will you go have valley I need discussing with you Elias was agree with him both if together went out and walking together one of owl lamination hide among dark clouds she hadn't any change from history step by step Jim hope will success and look again she is luster eyes between showing one of unbelievable thing long time both of them suffered with acute pain dear Jim please don't angry with me because now I couldn't agree with you I have been affection with some one I was call often time because you didn't answer more time I been in Longley never see me again dear Jim are you bless us
Shall be married next month with him blessing me and her parents blessing to the brave soldiers remove him hand by his warmth and back to horse saddles.
Where hide this moon I drowned in darkness
Where can go with horse blind which of eyes
Where ever born affection with this sadness
Foe is became to like friends only hope to us

Blowing wind never tell again hers name
Don't accompany hers fragrance world is change

And many goodly status and kingdom seen
Round many western islands have I been
When did healed my wound at heart be
Desolate come and embrace me all over life

Never dawn in my life without your
Whose creative wonderful why didn't one offer?
All of bringing champ again I will weep tear
Though with horse back to cruel war

Too shadow is none for loneliness
Walking horse lazy suffering sleepiness
Hope mix to breeze go away soon us
Foe is became my friend which hate of us

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