He joined up at the age of seventeen,
While he was so innocent, so clean.
They sent him away, almost immediately,
not giving me a chance to say goodbye.
He writes to me of the scenes he endures, and that everyday
seems grueling, making his rare chances to rest unruly.
Days, sometimes weeks pass by that he does not call.
My heart beats one more time, shatters, then falls.
Weeks pass, then months as winter breaks in.
The Colonel arrives at my door and whispers ' He's not coming home again.'
My heart beat one more time, shatters, then falls.
I collapse to my knees as I am handed his purple heart.
My life, My love has been torn apart.

by Scarlett Leftwich

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I hardly know what to say Scarlett other than I am deeply moved by your Poem and so sorry for your loss. Love, prayers and kind thoughts, David