It gives us the power,
To break through the barrier,
The barrier that holds us back,
To do what we lack.

This barrier that holds us,
Is the one best known as,
The curse of our land,
The “fear” most of us defined.

Those who conquer this great foe,
We call him a Hero.
We call him brave,
For he seems unafraid.

We say fear has been ejected,
From the brave ones mind,
But it’s actually extended,
But was overacted by courage.

It’s true bravery I say,
That we fight for the day,
Not without fear,
But with the purpose to appear.

by Lendl Ian Servillon

Comments (3)

nice poem there Lendl Ian Servillon
Good poem. Keep writing. I enjoy poems about heros and warriors.
nice i like it good work with this poem yeah i may be 15 but i understand what your saying heh go and keep going you may have some fans yet