Brazened Thieves

Revealing in increasing numbers...
An emboldened and contemptuous behavior expressed,
From lessons learned and taught to address...
A passing of immaturity that delights those impressed.
And reflecting directly an acceptance,
That has begun to upset those who slept in a mindlessness.
And the very ones now awakening to protest the effectiveness,
Of their own implemented deceits initiated in secret and discreet.

And yet with their pretentiousness kept to publicly present,
Continue they do to deny an infestation of corruption meant...
With an allowance to manifest as they profit to digest,
A feasting that feeds to accuse others of 'their' misdeeds.
Since they believe themselves qualified,
To advantage exclusively with entitlements to pride.
Although they remain debating in probes to investigate,
The cause of their aches and pains from self righteous positions...
Taken to defend an innocence to convince anyone it still exists.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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