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Breach Of Innocence-The Road Kill

One sunny noon, while chasing butterflies you &me,
Tried to unravel the mystery of the birds &the bees,
We stopped at some broken wings, lying on the ground, splattered,
Blackish red. To divert your attention I said,
“See! , There goes a butterfly in your favorite color,
Pink petals above your head hover.”
But you didn’t move &stood there
Watching, the first sight of destruction &its dark face.

Asked me where the bird went if it lay at your feet
Tattered like your ragged doll, with no tweet,
Its feathers spread, its face vacant, so still, awake.

You asked me, “If it still lay there within”
“Why it lay there so dirty, muddied.”
“Why doesn’t God clean it up? It’s a poor small bird.”
Questions I have searched answers for an entire life,
Your innocence springs open the Pandora’s Box.

In detail we inspect & see the ants have a galore,
You said, ” Kill the ants they are at the bird’’,
I said; “It doesn’t matter, now God has forgotten, ”
Puzzled you look at me, unsure, unsafe, and no longer protected.
Worried you ask me again –“Then where did it go? ”

I pointed to the skies &said –“It is with God- Up there! ’’!
You said looking up —“ I don’t see- where? ’’
I said—“God is there but prefers to remain anonymous”
Then you ask –“Then how would you know who he is? ”
“You say he could be anywhere, here –there, ”
I said –“Yes, he is here, I see him in you—your sweet smile”
Again you give me that quizzical look
And with tender hands my arm you took.

We let it be & went ahead instead,
Me in my daily pursuits, you withheld
By the wonders of childhood. Our separate ways,
It’s been three summers now,
Even today when unwell you scream-“A feather in my bed! ”
And again the same question stands,
And stares at me-bold, daring, emphatic! .

For Vaishu-Thank You, Once again.

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Comments (4)

dear poetess, this is a marvellous poem............... i read it and re read it.. i enjoyed it. there is poesy, there is innocence. there is God and unanwered questions which haunt all of us. only faith and faith alone is our hold.. thank u. i like to read ur poems more and more. thaank you.
well narrated and good imgery..conversation part too done well
A good imaginary poem. Beautiful and well penned. Enjoyed reading it
The fantasy imageries well expressed. Beautifully narrated. deserves 10+++