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New Flower

Everyday a new flower is born
Its destiny unknown
Some will grow and flourish
Some will wilt and die
A flower came into my life recently
A flower like no other
On that is beautiful in every way
Not perfect
But what flower is
My flower has a dark past
It has been hurt and stepped on
I fear it is wilting and dieing
The rain drops of life weigh heavy on its pedals
But I know my flower is strong
Much stronger then most know
Water and sun light is what it needs
Along with a helping hand it again breaths
In no time at all it will stand tall
The past being just that
It will live on and grow
Once again happy and healthy
My new flower will start a new of its own
And never again be a lone

from a friend to a friend ss

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Quack Bloody Quack... Sid xxxx
A brilliant metaphor for stale love. Your poem leaves a lot unsaid, but says a lot at the same time. Clever and pithy, there is no malice in your words, but a loving, unequivocal 'enough'. love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥