When Egyptian men whisper
Of the great leaders of the past
None whisper of Tutankhamen
But he is remembered nevertheless
For being the pharaoh whose tomb
Remained intact till modern times
Discovered by Carter, an English Archaeologist
In 1922, deep in the Valley of the Kings
Lay the sarcophagus of the boy king

Although not great in Life
He was nevertheless fortunate
In his ventures into the “Afterlife”
His retinue of servants and guards
Watched over his vast treasures
Of gold thrones, chariots and statues
Precious jewel and precious gems
Even musical instruments
To play a merry fanfare when he awoke

Nowadays, in different resting place
His mummy lies in the great museum
Of Cairo, Egypt’s capital
And all his treasures revealed
To the watching world
Who come to view the spectacle?
Of the ancient Pharaoh, Tutenkhamen!

by Kaci Tami

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