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Break Down
(14/4/92 / basildon (england))

Break Down

Poem By megan watts

you take over my life and start controling it
your ruining it making it shit
leave me alone you cant control it all
the only thing in my life is the moth at night upon my wall
i sit and wonder, is it always guna be like this?
all this missery and pain all this unhappyness
maybe i should just walk out you'll be gone
but i dont i hold on and be strong
at night i just break down not being able to hold it in no more
'i could just walk out' i say to myself whilst stairing at the door
or will things turn on the bright side of life soon
as bright and shining as the moon
i hope i pray that day will come soon
leave me alone just let me be
your making me break down if only you would open your eyes and see

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