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Break Down
PE Payyton Egerstaffer (May 27 / Fort Polk, Louisiana)

Break Down

I won't break down,
When it all goes wrong,
And I won't hide,
when my fear covers my pride,
And I won't give up,
Even if I always hurt,
And neither will I cry,
when your lies cover my smile.

I knew there was something going on,
There's always people around me,
who always seem to know,
And everybody's watching,
like I always need to be told.
You always seem to want, to get the best of me,
And you never really try, so to hurt me, you lie,
But your lies won't hurt me, no not tonight.

There's nothing really else to destroy,
so your target is really easy to find,
One small girl- standing in the middle of the road,
the only little one, who's easy find.
You think you know me,
But you can't see anything I think,
You think I can't feel,
But you don't really know, what I've been in.

People are always treating me like a piece of trash,
You think you know everything about me,
People even think of selling me for extra cash,
But you think I'm one innocent baby pea.
You try to crush me,
my world falls apart,
you try to hurt me,
and my world goes dark.

But I won't break down,
Even if it all falls back,
And I won't die,
Even if it all goes bad,
I won't give up,
For I will be strong,
Even if I can't love,
the nature of being alone.

But if I die,
I'll still be fine,
and I won't let any thing get away,
and never again will I be afraid.

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Comments (2)

don't die, don't give up fight on, to be strong. my heart is with you.
This poem in wonferful... and thank-you for reading my poem :)