Break Free (Version. #2)

Break Free

Broken seashells
With twisted hues
Slicing into my fragile heart
Into a million pieces

Red colored sand
With blood jagged points
Shimmering in the sunlight
Blinding my lowly eyes

Lush, blossoming palms
Swaying in the zephyr
Giving off an emerald light
With rain drops like tears

Strange, Shadowy shrubbery
Searching for a lost soul
To secrete for all eternity
Like an evil spirit drowning one with nightmares

Green, gloomy grottos
Shadowing the beautiful light
Withholding many lives
Dead with no hope of survival

Black, passionate stones
All covered with foliage
Missing life in itself
Like a diamond in the ruff

Hollow, homeless heart
With all dreams shattered
With no hope to be released
From all chains and restraints

Devastating, wild beasts
Eyes blood red in the illusional dimness
Catch me as I dance in the moonlight
Razing my heart
Leaving no remains
My heart, my soul, my mind
Helpless with no hope
Freedom just out of my reach

How do I Break Free?

by Joy Davis

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