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Break Loose
IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

Break Loose

Poem By ivor or ivor.e hogg

I’m growing old disgracefully.
It is not eccentricity
but a decision I have made,
Though rules are meant to be obeyed
The time has come to be just me
and not the me you’d have me be.
Although perhaps you’ll fume and fuss
I do not give a tinkers cuss.

No keeping up appearances.
Seeking official clearances
to the things I want to do.
If you don’t like it you can sue.

No three piece suit and tie for me
I aim for comfort casually.
There’s no one who I need impress.
Removes the need to power dress.

What you see is what you get
I am quite real so don’t forget.
No man can say he is my boss
I cannot say I feel the loss.

Retired now completely free
to be the man I want to be..
I have no need to chase success
I never did I must confess.

I lived my life as I thought best.
I think I earned the right to rest.
I find that rest’s eluding me
and I have little time that’s free

It’s rather strange but now I find
I left the world of work behind.
I’m busier than I was before
I find that I am doing more.

More than I ever did at work
although I was not one to shirk.
Perhaps because I can refuse
to do the things of little use.

Which used to be required of me
by people in authority
of little use to anyone.
Not now those days are long gone

I’ve cast aside my public face.
The mask I used to keep in place.
So I can act disgracefully
and let whole world see it’s me.

So growing old disgracefully
Is much more fun than quietly
Just taking to my easy chair
and let the world forget I’m there.

There’s more to life than the TV
I want to live outrageously.
Its my intent to break the rules.
which rule the life of the poor fools.

Who think at sixty life is done.
Retirement is the time for fun.
I find I can enjoy each day
in doing things in my own way.

Take my advice and don’t think twice
retirement is very nice.
Cast off responsibility
grow old disgracefully like me.

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Ivor! I'm gonna start livin Disgracefully! Very good write! ! *10*! ! ! Thad