HMM (May 3,1981 / Olympia, WA)

Break Me Gently

Gently break me, my love, and my whole would be yours
If you desire my whole whole, you may have it in scores.
If you held it safe in your chest, it would always replace
Every moment of darkness, turn every pain into grace.

You inspire me, my love, you are my vision and my muse
You are the object in this world that I could not abuse
For true love cannot be broken, even if it shatters,
A true love would hold the pieces, and this is why it matters.

You could rip my heart in pieces, and it would still belong to you,
With no spite to bring you heartache, this is what makes it true.
If you rejected it, I'd keep it; if you wanted, I'd return
For you've broken my soul open, and it eternally will burn.

But all this if only you would take my whole heart,
Then whole or in pieces, t'would not matter if we part.

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