(25 November 1890 – 1 April 1918 / Bristol / England)

Depression (Got To Think)

5 am still gotta think <br>
im bouta let all these feelings really sink<br>
i could be standing as tall as yao ming <br>
still feel like i aint shiiii<br>
its not my fault i was borned this way <br>
yeah theres some days <br>
where i wish this feeling could away<br>
when i do that' s anotha overdose case <br>
ive been losing fate <br>
maybe a little too late<br>
using that money i got paid <br>
so i can buy these pills to self Medicate <br>
i aint got time for this pain<br>
imma tell myself im really okay<br>
if i got a problem <br>
no time to solve em<br>
have dreams i never accomplished <br>
everybody in my life im ignoring <br>
try to put up a fight<br>
im too busy stalling <br>
nothing aint feeling <br>
so my eyes start ballin<br>
Like whole shit im part of this holy grail<br>
guess thats the deal<br>
gottta use these drugs to hide what i really feel<br>
those cuts never heal <br>
looking like a zombie pretty pale<br>
on this earth bouta raise hell<br>
aint no coming back guess thats the seal<br>
gone like i sailed <br>
sorry for the one that i failed.

by Zimri Alonso

Comments (3)

a brilliantly descriptive poem of a day in the life of an English soldier poet? ...............superbly written.
Almost a surrealist first few lines, to immortalize break of dawn, picking a poppy over the parapet, in a Great War trench; echoing through time.
it is a great poem that has touched my heart and i know see why members of my local club encouraged me to read it