NC (May 1,1988- / Flint, Michigan, USA)

Break Trust In Case Of Commitment

The emergency exit
sign glows above her head.
The same florescent tinge
that ring her pupils, illuminating
unknown seduction. A soft smile
reading 'kiss in case of panic'
hangs like an oxygen mask
in the open air.
Her black dress holds down
a bra strap pull cord, turning this girl
into a life raft for when life becomes too good.
For when the ship hits happiness,
or the loving fire in my heart
grows too large
to extinguish with words.
She stands there
at the ready to be used
for this emergency.
Break trust in case of commitment,
pull down the zipper and set off
the alarming push towards
a freedom that doesn't exist,
towards a lonliness that does.
The emergency exit sign glows
above her head but I leave
through the front door and I leave
for home

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