Break Up

If love is so good why does it hurt so much
things go fine then something happens
it all goes wrong some bodies fault
you leave and split up and both are hurt
both feel like their world has stopped
and the hurt goes on and you feel like hell
try to get back together one tries
the other still hurt bad does not want to know
when that one calms down and tries
the other one says you did not want to know before
so why should I want to now
so it goes on a never ending circle
stop think and ask yourself
do you love that person
forget the hurt do you love that person
if you say yes then go to them
the other one will feel the same
don't wait and waste time life is too short
yes you are deeply hurt
but you need to push it out of the way
love is the key to forgiveness
it covers the hurt blows it away out of sight
so your love for each other will shine through
so give it a try what do have to lose
only the heartache you feel now.

by Dennis Field

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Wow very niceeee! I feel you :)