One Step Away From What You Made Of Me

We stand apart
Silence washes over us
As you speak with words of

Painful nights to
Tragic days
Living in this world of
Non stop misery

To die tonight
Would be like salvation
To both of us
It would feel like heaven

Your eyes gaze into mine
With promises, you know you wont keep
You think im blind to the truth
But the fact is... I don't want to open my eyes

I want to remain the slave
The slave bound to your lies
I want to be servile to this fantasy
You made me beleive was my life

This cliff I stand on
Im only one step away
From escaping what you made of me
Im only one step away

by Kiki Marie

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Comments (3)

this poem is great im 11 and my boyfriend and i are having an issue and we are just fussing back and forth he'll get with me then cheat on me i told him i said u pick me or the girl your cheating on me with: (
wow this was very intense it flowed very well
this is great.. same intense with the male version =)