Break Ups & Make Ups [female Version]

Do you feel the same?
I find myself calling out your name.
Even though, we're not together anymore.
In my heart you're the only one I still adore.
I'm sorry that we didn't work out before.
But now i know for sure, my feelings for you has grown very strongly, that I can no longer ignore.
I don't know how to cope or what else to do.
I can't seem to live my life without you.
The pain that I've caused you must have cut you like a knife.
But i'll do anything to make it up to you, even if it takes the rest of my life.
As mad, upset, angry, frustrated you are with me, i understand.
I know if i were in your shoes, it would also hurt to see me with another man.
Although there are no excuses for what i've done,
All my mistakes have made me certain that you are the special one.
I know you can find it in your heart to forgive me.
Now is still too soon, so i'll give you time to think and leave you be.
All i ask is to forget the past, leave it behind.
As for you, you will be in my heart, thoughts and mind.

by Tina Dang

Comments (3)

this poem is great im 11 and my boyfriend and i are having an issue and we are just fussing back and forth he'll get with me then cheat on me i told him i said u pick me or the girl your cheating on me with: (
wow this was very intense it flowed very well
this is great.. same intense with the male version =)