Break Ups & Make Ups [male Version]

Ever since you wanted a change,
Everything has gotten strange.
Of course I still do feel the same way,
But i can't stand the games you play.
When you told me you wanted a break,
I felt my heart shattered and ache.
Back then you wanted to be with other guys,
That was something I didn't want to compromise.
I might have been selfish, me wanting you all to myself.
It's because I can't stand seeing you with somebody else.
I know in relationships no one is in control,
Everyone comes to a crossroad and eventually has to follow their heart and soul.
Although i'm hurt, it's hard to forget, but for you I'll be forgiving.
Because, you're my breath of fresh air, you make my life worth living.
I'm glad we took the chance, to know each other started off as friends.
But I hope and want you to be the dream girl that I marry in the end.
Time will soon heal my wounds, and the past will be left behind.
For [name], you will always be my habibi[sweatheart], forever you'll be mine.

by Tina Dang

Comments (3)

thats so sweet tina keep the work up(:
Sweet was the word I was gonna use Tina, but Unknown me, got in before me! lol Men have a point of view indeed, when it comes to affairs of the heart, essentially though, I have a feeling it is similar to that of the woman, I am gonna read your female version, and will let you know. 10 from smiling, sweetened slightly Tai
this is sooooo sweet tina! keep it up =)