Everyday I wish upon a star
Hoping the end isn't that far,
Lying to myself every-things going to be okay,
Wishing there won't be another breakaway.

With a fake smile,
Forcing myself to say,
I really am okay.
Letting them hear the words they want me to say,
Taking another chance without completely fading away.

With brothers and sisters crying by my side,
Telling me how they let things slide.
With mother and father misunderstanding the things we say,
In reply, they tell us how we should obey.

It's interesting how things turned out to be,
It's no longer one happy family tree.
Oh how I wish things could be,
Without letting each other set ourselves free.

Though there are sometimes we agree,
But who knew what it would turn out to be.
If known things could be worse,
Why play the game and not get divorce?

by Bilkis Begum

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