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What is sanity, but a shadow of truth,
Fleeing before the faintest ray from a candle?
It is a friend you believe to be loyal, who departs
Immediately, escaping a situation they couldn't handle.
I see that lost look in your glazed eyes,
The wan, drawn look that colors your face.
What horrors haunt your troubled, vulnerable existance?
What false dreams does your tortured mind chase?
Why don't you go to sleep? Go, take a nap.
Things will be better when you wake.
(God, please let them be better when she wakes,
I don't know how much more I can take.)
What's that? You need some tea?
Honey, you need more than tea.
Try a nap, steel bars, a warm, cozy jacket,
At the very least, some therapy.
Oh look, see what you've done?
You have broken the best china cup.
See, there's you tea, on the floor,
And I'm the one who must clean it up.
I'm always cleaning it up,
Soaking things, washing things, hiding your mistakes.
It becomes our nasty little secret; no one has to know.
(God, how much more must I take?)
Who are those men, knocking at our door?
No sir, my mother's just fine,
But she isn't at home; she's off to the store,
Shall I give her your number, or will you have mine?
Oh, I see, you must be on your way,
You have pressing work to do downtown.
Oh, yes sir, I'm perfectly fine,
I'm just dealing with her latest breakdown.

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