Thoughts Of Suicide

Thoughts of suicide grow
Why do i think like this?
Why cant i live in harmoney?
Why cant i live in bliss?

Suicide is like a virus
It devoured all that was pure
Why did i hold that knife to my chest?
Why cant i find a cure?

Thoughts of suicide overwhelm me
One pill, two, three pill, four
Only 8 more to go now
Come on im nearly through that door.

Suicide has taken my voice
So no one can hear my pain
But even if i could scream at the top of my lungs
Would it be invane?

No one wants to listen
No one even cares
My feet are over the edge now
I will glide right through the air.

If my thoughts become reality
Would i be missed
Or would i be cast off as another number
With my name added to a list.

My thoughts of suicide stay with me
One day i may be free
Is suicide my only option
well tomorrow is a new day,
I shall wait and see.

by Chris jones

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Comments (3)

Faith this gets (10) from me & goes in my list of faves. Thanks for your comments on mine. Lizzy.
for me poetry is it its best and most powerfull, when it evokes emotions inside us, your poem does this in every way, empathy is a word that comes to mind when i read this. i am glad i have finnally found the time to read your poems. all the best vincent
A very clever one this short but gives a real picture of someone suffering from depression, everything stops to the extent no one matters anymore. Very nice indeed. Sincerely Ernestine Northover