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Breakfast Beer
(6-26-1980 / othello)

Breakfast Beer

Poem By Jon Edward Walker

a beer for breakfast right now
is the best thing that’s happened to me in a while
my body tingles
and my soul feels huge
pushing against the membrane
of my skin
I look good today
but the music on the radio sucks

my skin tone is even
my eyes are peacefully happy

I recollect on being turned
down by a chick I wasn’t trying
to hit on
and it brings me happiness

two beers for breakfast
I began to feel better
my creativity peaks
and stabilizes
I start to enjoy the music
and look at the whiskey bottle on the counter.

I think of my son
700 miles away
and the cute little German girl
I met last night,
her 12 year old son
and sexy accent
she’s tiny
I wanted to pick her up and hold her
instead I touched elbows
and later after we’d left
I called her too late,
and invited her over
she declined
I said I’d like to see her again soon
she politely agreed
but only to get rid of me
(which ended up not being true)

I think
of my son again
and call his grandmother
who doesn’t answer
then his mother who does
and tells me she loves me
and all about
how god delivered her from jail
or her recently deceased father
I ignore that

and ask if she’s still doing drugs
I ask if she’s seen our son

and she tells me she might have a job

at Shari’s

I hang up,
laugh a little,
grab the whiskey
and make a drink

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I very much adore this. You really belong with the Beat Poets on the bookshelves. I mean that as a huge compliment, for the record...