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Breakfast In Bed (Children)
(August 10 / Born in Columbus OH - living in Florida)

Breakfast In Bed (Children)

Wake up, Mom and Daddy.
We’ve got a BIG surprise.
Me and Sissy made you breakfast.
Please, open up your eyes.

Here’s the paper from the porch,
Just in case you want to read.
Please wake up and put your glasses on
so you guys can see.

There’s cereal with milk on it
and toast with butter, too.
(Sissy scraped the black stuff off) .
We made this ALL for you.

We didn’t make the coffee,
but, Mommy, that’s okay
‘cause me and Sissy found some
in the pot from yesterday.

The eggs look kind of funny,
not like the ones you make.
Ours are way too slickery.
They keep sliding off the plate.

We’re sorry there’s no muffin,
but there weren’t any more.
Well... the one that was left over
got smushed on the kitchen floor.

There used to be a donut, too,
and it was on the plate.
Me and Sissy got real hungry,
but it’s the only thing we ate.

When it comes to making breakfast,
there's a lot of work to do,
but we made it just to show you
Mom and Daddy, we love you.

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