Breakfast, Left With The Invisible!

Poem By Deb Panda

My journey starts with moist rays!
Raising their brows, warm crystal reflection;
Emanating from this mud-baked reality-
I own, dreams descend with raising sun!

Day breaks with raising bustle!
With mellifluous numbers of nature -tender lips
She holds in captivating eyes, full of lives,
A burst of laughter, waking from silence!

Life finds it's rhythm in mild stroke
Of her cold breath, unruffled strands-
Down the lazy brows, glued with her smile,
I meet with a shower of hope, stand!

I behold recline against the wall-
In elation for she defied the world;
With her words to make me stand tall,
Among those crowds, heights scaled.

She came hiding her pain in humble words-
For she wanted me to be one, tomorrow,
For the human race, be counted-
Virtue is hard to loose, truth we bow.

She came with the breakfast,
To settle for the blue lagoon
For she knew me more than myself-
In my dark days, one with my pain.

I found in ecstasy, life for her happiness-
With her promises of bringing me the stuff,
I ask in a childish delight, I visit;
This temple, when left with the dwarf!

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