Breakfast Song

What a racket!
The calmest, most peaceful racket I ever heard
Outside in the early morning
The songs and chattering
Of every kind of bird
The doves in the pines
The little finch
Hidden from my view
His constantly changing conversation
One-sided, maybe he's on the phone...
Those mallards honk-honking a monotone
And in the distance
A sure sign of the time
Of day - chickens singing Cocoroco
They're Catalan, you know
While in the background
The falling water of the fountain
Pitter-patters on the pond
Ah, fresh air
Birds singing
What more could I want
For breakfast?

by Laurie Van der Hart

Comments (2)

We need this peaceful racket so uplifting—God’s praises in bird-hymns. I’m reminded of Emily Dickinson’s poem which begins, Some keep the Sabbath... I definitely relate to this, Laurie. I recently saw a Curvebill Thrasher at work in my front yard. I’m hoping these heartening mimic singers might nest again in the Cholla on the corner. Glen
The finch is on the phone to her sister telling her about what nice feet this human has..finches foot fetish.. Delightful poem and thank you for sharing.10