Breakfast Time

You go to breakfast your daily need
Pick up a paper any news to read?
A mother starves her child is crying
In far off lands, there are people dying

Their hunger ravaged stomachs swell
Condemned a life of living hell
You hear their cries, but not their pleas
Where only death brings sweet release

But its not your problem, you earn a wage
So eat your breakfast, turn the page
That's more like it, a cricket score
Forget the million starving poor

But before you leave, just spare a thought
It is'nt really all their fault
So show some pity instead of scorn
They had no choice where they were born.

by Graham Jones

Comments (1)

Generosity, compassion, and charity: 3 admirable qualities which this poem will hopefully engender and which clearly lie in the heart of the speaker. And I am confident that the speaker is you, Graham. A wonderful poem. Warm regards, Gina.