Breaking Bubbles

Poem By Ila Sumam

When I was three
Blowing bubbles
Under my tamarind tree
Amma asked
'Do you know
Every life is
A bubble? '
I said no

After I turned ten
A sulking pre-teen, then
Amma said
'Each of a person's face
Is a bubble
Break the ones that hurt you
It works'
It worked

Now I've grown, evolved
So did Amma's bubbles
Whose number suffocated me
Deceiving charm hurt me

So I broke one of mine instead

Comments about Breaking Bubbles

Dear Ila, Lovely poems this is. 160. Crazy But Why Be not crazy for success No effort excess Is worthy of admiration Unless it has power of Inner satisfaction That lies in joy of whole Not in single full bowl What worth a wealth ................................. ............................... more of it on my page. I invite you to read my poems and give your views Thanks!
Well scripted with deep heartfelt words........................good job, Dear! God bless you!
This poem has deeper significance than what it conveys through its outer rind... It asserts certain unpleasant facts: Life is as transitory as a bubble, Growing up is not easy... bubbles will spoil the facial glow! Destroying one's own bubble is easier and wiser than destroying another's bubble! Great write Illa... At this young age, if you can contemplate on life with the insight of a seer, you are born to ascend greater heights! Proceed with confidence! !

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