Breaking Clouds

We lose ourselves to the sky
We grow wings and we start to Fly

But once we lose the Track of ourselves

by Sarah Ibrahim Click to read full poem

Comments (12)

nice poem, deep meaning i like it 10+
much romantic one... liked it too.. and hope my poetry will also touch your heart... best of luck 10+++
For i can not fly for my wings are broken. before my lifeless body hit the ground, my sweet angel shall burst the eastern sky... the amber rays gentle spray through the clouds and paint the landscape with Peace and Love.... once more denied but not forsaken Wow! ! ! this poem is soul moving...10+++++++++++
The poem is ingrained with simple but sound words spreading an inspirational message of hope which always stay alive.
This is a powerful reflection i can say! Fine wording! nice rhyme/rhythm 10+
Breath taking Beautiful.....Great Poem
very very nice..hope suffused poem..makes one feel light and how you go from the point of angelic form to losing onesself and then rediscovery through hope.
what a wonderful words It is nice and lovely poem I like it especially Sky, , , fly, , , ourselves, , , shelves, , , highway, stay And …… it is perfect
a lovely thoughts..well written/rhymes..jamila sadika... Ency Bearis
Nice to read, lovely the last two lines- 'To Realize that After a Rainy day Sun will Breaks the Dark clouds with a single Ray'
there is a positive call from mother nature inspiring to ask for the human life bautiful sara!
very beautiful thoughts nice done with rhymes [sky/fly]...thanks 10