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Breaking Free

The screaming and fighting never end
Most of the time, I just give in
My soul I am loosing more and more each day
From the angry words you always say
It is hard to get out of bed somedays
Wondering what today will bring
Never anything new it seems
Always the same words with your voice ringing in my ears
Fighting yelling it never does change
Your opinion of me, I hear everyday
How I should feel, what you think I should do
Who I should see, and what you think I should say
Who am I anymore, I really don't know
This cloud is over me, I cannot breathe
These walls are swallowing me alive
All I want is to break free.

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It is not easy but it can be done! Where you are I was many times but through time, I was able to break free, yes indeed! I finally found the magic key to open the handcuff that was holding me for so long to the chair of the PAST! This is a well penned and poignant poem that gives you away! 10+++ Keep inspiring the World with your soulful writes! If time permits, please, read and enjoy my poems titled: WHO AM I? and IN PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS, I hope you enjoy them like I truly enjoyed yours! Love and Peace for always! RDV from New York City! ...
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall, but just maybe he fell on the wong side of the wall. Keep writing and you will break free