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Breaking Her Heart...
AR (3/18/1979 / San Jose', California)

Breaking Her Heart...

Poem By Angelique' Rockwell

My baby daughter, so beautiful
Do you feel the same?
She has so much of us both
I feel it even in her name

I've heard you even claim her
Though of course not to me
Even though I don't push
It means alot for me to see

My other kids have no dad
Dead before he was even gone
I need you more than ever
Just hearing each sad song

Please come visit her
She'll need you more than I
What do I say when asked for her dad?
Same as my mom, sit down and start to cry?

I won't do it to her
It hurts too damn much....
Maybe say you love her but can't be here...
Maybe that won't hurt as much

I know how it feels and I...
Don't want her goin' through all that
Maybe just you don't want me
But she doesn't need to feel the rat

It's not her fault
Why don't you just come home?
Even only to visit
Then she wouldn't feel so alone

That's how girls are
Thay take things to heart
If you're not there for her
You'll only break her little heart.


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