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Breaking Me Inside

Breaking Me Inside

I keep on asking God why?
Does he have to make me cry;
when all i've been doing,
is to keep this love for him going.
Why do i have to be ignored?
When i give him a warm hug when he is cold.
Why do i have to beg and plead?
When only a little time is all i need.

Do i have to wear my skirt shorter?
Or put my face some more powder?
Do i need to cut and style my hair?
Just to get a bit of his care?
Am I someone unworthy of his love?
That's why he kept his heart for me locked?
Does he wish that i'll be gone for good?
Will that put him in a nicer mood?

~Wish i could have never met you..
So, i wont have to suffer this..
Please let me be here a bit longer,
Until it doesnt hurt anymore..
Just allow me to glance at you for one more minute,
to memorize the way you grin..
i'll be leaving and it wont take long
i'm gonna let you go, and be right where you belong~

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i really like this poem. and i know exactly how you feel...keep on writing- u have a gift.