Breaking Myself

I slip into the sheets of your bed
I slip into the dreams
I'm trying to prove myself
Trying to make a profound statement
Saying I’m an individual
Saying ill save races
I haven’t been able to see the light in your eyes
For quite a while
I haven’t been able to sleep in peace
I smile through the tears
Pretending we work
I stand and look into the mirror
My reflection pains me
The bruises ache and the color of my skin
It’s no longer pale
It’s a dark blue...
Your voice is like a trigger
To hide my face
And when it gets louder
My body wince and you haven’t even;
Struck me with your rage
I want to leave you
You have made me regret a decade
But, when you hold me
I feel you have changed
I feel weak inside
The nasty words covered in honey
And I lick them up
You shock my entire existence
And you leave me with no purpose
Only to fall into a fix
Of becoming the repetition
Of my mistakes
We are all looking for someone
We are all trying to prove ourselves
And then caught and lose
What would ever make us

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