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Breaking Off

The gap of parting has broaden,
The tired arms are getting weaker
And the breath of the dark deepness
Resembles a sleepy giant. The dampness and stench are getting out,
You aren't next to me,
But only a burning pain-
That miserable role of hanging over the cliff. The temptation to forgive
and to beg for forgiveness
Is melting off along with the rain,
And the bitterness of a treachery
Is being blown away by the winds of immense changes. I whisper my prayer to be rescued
And it is like an oath or a poem,
And the terror - that dangerous illness -
Is leaving my heart. The flares of aura are changing...
In the charred ruins of the past years
The tarnished sun will rise again,
Yet will no longer either trouble or wound my soul.

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It is a brillant poem. even i have got one by the same name.here is something special for u. breaking off words are becoming blurred sounds incoherent human beings moving shadows senses failing to register things, breaking off, breaking off, the link is breaking off.