Breaking Point

Your constant bitch’in was driving me insane
The sound of your voice always echoing in my brain
Nothing I did seem to every satisfied you
I had had my fill this time I was thru

I had listened to you s**t for the last six years
Your words jagged and harsh burning in my ears
This time you did it you finally crossed that line
All I remember is that something snapped in my mind

I pulled you close to me for one final embrace
I remember the shocked look on your pale white face
I placed my hand firmly over your mouth to silence your voice
It was you girl you’re the one who drove me to this choice

The fearful look in your eyes was quite the surprise
The only sound coming from you now was that of muffled cries
You tried so desperately to fend off my attack
As I pulled the butcher knife from behind my back

At last I would have some peace I could finally rest
As I slowly pushed the knife deep into your chest
I gave it a twist as the tears flowed from your eyes
And whispered to you softly my final goodbyes

I watched as you slowly died from the comforts of my chair
As the life flowed from your body your eyes possessed a blank stare
Blood ran down the blade and dripped silently to the floor
As I thought of Poe’s raven, never more, never more

by Poison 9901

Comments (6)

A gruesome act, but wonderfully told......Great poem Poison..10+
Great write! I feeli like shakin the lieing daughters of Rev Parris in The Crucible, the story of the salem witch trials. Keep writing!
I had my breaking point too, but done it only in my mind! I might say ' I can relate to it bro', top mark.
Hmmmm... at 15 I held a knife to my father and then I left home....
Whoa! ! That was....I'm speethat doesn't happen very often! chless...and
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