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Breaking The Chain Finding Love Again

There is a priority I must address!
For thousands of people who live in unrest.
From generation to generation I pray its not too late!
One wonders how we can allow so much garbage on our plate.
Its humiliating its deceitful and the fear of it makes you lie.
But the most devastating of all is when its seen through our children eyes!
There are many different kinds of it found in every walk of life.
But no matter what kind it is it still cuts like a knife.
Go ahead and ignore it but it won't go away.
Its putting down roots and its planning to stay.
So many will suffer through another ones hands
That is why its imperative we must take a stand
Because abuse is so powerful when it takes on human shape.
So many different kinds of what we call rape.
It makes ordinary people kill and go wild.
Unforgivable when done to an innocent child
Children are our legacy we must make them understand
That the future of our nation is in the palm of their hands
So once again God, I'm depending on your power as my friend!
Help us start the healing process so all abuse can finally end.

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very cute/adorable and very creative poetry you have here, nice ^w^