Breaking The Ties That Bind Us

We will continue to live in a world of hurt,
for as long as we insist on hurting those
that have caused hurt.
Harm is going to come our way,
for as long as we insist on harming those
who have caused harm.
Retribution comes with a price:
opening up old wounds.
The terror unleashed that would lead
us into oblivion.
Until we find the strenght and courage
to open doors that remained closed sofar.
Entering the realm of forgiveness and
mutual cooperation.
With a newfound faith realising the unity
of us all we unleash a zest for the better.
Barack Obama we salute you for breaking
the ties that bind us!

by Ruerd Visser

Comments (4)

A true Buddhist views of looking at life! Deva
The hate cannot avenge the hate only love can do it.......Message is clear and Loud.......Good Write...............10+++
thought provoking poem..vivid and resonant..
i like the thought in this piece... He is a good man.. but, , we would never have peace.. and when we come close.. means that the end of the World is coming close.. YAY! .. Heaven.. here we come..