Breaking Their Backs

Only fools, morons and fun loving idiots,
Will come together to destroy...
Events leading to progress,
By those breaking their backs with effort taken.
And to have what could be done,
Provide opportunities to come and benefit everyone...
Dismissed to have permanently prevent.
And why is this for some a necessity?

The ones who sweat,
As part of a process made to ensure success...
Neither dress to impress nor believe what they do,
Should address those pretentions.
And speak they do to be clearly understood,
In a language spoken that reflects their intelligence.
And this is not accepted,
In places where 'ignorance' is regarded more effective.

'We don't like them.'

~Why not? ~

'They talk as if they are talking 'down' to us.
And this we recent.'

~But they are doing all the work.
With no one volunteering to come forward and assist.~

'What is that suppose to mean?
What difference does that make? '

~Apparently for you and the others too,
That difference that could be made...
Will not be made at all.
In fact...
You should be happy with yourselves,
It will not happen.~

'Well, that's a relief.
At least we have accomplished 'something'.'

What is that? ~

'We will continue to protest,
Until our wishes are met.
With a doing to have those we select,
Who are best to represent our interests.
Interests we interpret as reflecting progress.'

~What fools we mortals be! ~

And that's why we don't want you around here,
Trying to make us accept where 'your' mind is at.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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