(12/11/60 / Danbury, CT USA)

Breaking Up Is Only A Matter Of Time

Is it just a matter of time before our hearts break for the last time?
Do our minds accept the truth of who we are, together or apart?
Will we find safety in silence, this time?
Is there a way to let go,
to want nothing at all to change?
Kisses are hallowing trees groaning for sun so out of reach.
My tired limbs wander and my psyche over analyzes how
I could draw us closer to the picture my heart knows.
Monsters of mental madness paint us in the corner - black and blue.
Zip-lines speed us back and forth over familiar chasms of anxiety and blame and then we
halt, again and again, aching for respite on the other side, of repetition, repeated.
We collide as reflexive infants rooting for milk.
It's always just a matter of time
before we get exactly what we want.

© Reneé Marie

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