Breaks My Heart To Comfort My Crying

he laughs as i tell him what went wrong
I choke on his laughter, when he realizes he's been gone
how do i tell him what i feel?
about all those things inside?
i may be young but i know this isn't how i planned my life.
sometimes i just forget, he says things he will regret.
it breaks my heart to comfort my crying.
he was supposed to keep me standing tall
i was supposed to make it through it all
i was always the strongest with him beside me.
But now, he somehow knows what i've been dreaming of.
and he says i can get there, if i can
live, laugh, and love.

by Desiree Whitamore

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beautiful poem Desiree, so much truth, and relevance for us today. i relate so much to it 'thank you'