** Breakups

We wake up slowly,
shaded by romance.
she looks like a film,
that I am lucky to attend.

by David DeSantis Click to read full poem

Comments (13)

Wow... Your expression of your innermost feelings is amazing. Most people could not put emotion to words in the way you have done here.
So beautiful, wistful and full of the sentiments of your heart. Love it. HG: -) xx
Woe real sweet and gentle its as if i'm there! ! ! !
The gentle, reflective tone captures the poignant beauty of this lost love...a detailed and delicately penned poem in which the words are clearly weighted with a sense of inevitable regret. j x
The last stanza lines break the reader heart...love, once a flowering spring, now a raining winter, wet in these soaring lines...poignant write, David 10
David, your pen is ablaze with sensitivity and poignancy springs from every word inked. This is especially fine, so touching and yet it weighs heavy on my heart. Why is it that we can only pen like this when we are in pain from the remembrance of a lost love? Just beautiful. HG: -) xx
Wonderfully sensitive and poignant David, well done!
I like it, it is a magic piece it seems as if everything is under control and you analyze the situation sober minded in the morning as usual, but this time something escapes your mind. At least this is the effect. The poem is very good structured and well penned. I hope to read more often your poems, shaded by romance. Best wishes, one
well done ' parting is such sweet sorrows' Romeo and Juliet
So wonderfully written - that's a ten for sure...
a nice reflection of those sweet things and still linger after breakup..nicely narrated/write..A 10 4 this... Ency Bearis
A beautiful romantic setting laced with sweet thoughts. Very nice! A '10! ' from me as well. Best Wishes, Marilyn
Some things stay in our memories, an excellent poem David, well woven, thanks *10* Lynda xx